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Same Day Moves

There are moments when you do not have enough time to plan your move, circumstances may force you to pack and move at a moment’s notice but this should not have to worry you because we are here to help you move. Here at Morgan City Movers we are skilled in same day moves. Whenever you contact us we are there to help you move to your new location. It doesn’t matter if you are relocating within the locality or relocating to a new state we will help you get there. We have employees on standby always ready to help you move anytime you contact us. We also have a wide range of trucks all different in size which can fit your belongings.

With our team at your disposal you are assured that you can transition to your new home without any difficulty. We have equipped our staff to handle any sensitive belongings you own. We have also equipped them with lifts to assist in moving all the heavy stuff in your home. Whenever you contact us, be assured that we are reliable and stand by our word. If we say that we will get you to your new location, we will get you there.

We operate in the Morgan City area, Louisiana but we can help you relocate to a different state. You can contact us at, for any long distance moves.

Which Services Do We offer?

Our services range according to our clients’ needs. We do not offer moving packages but we tailor make each move according to a client’s needs. You just state what you need us to do and we will give you a free estimate of the charge. This is to ensure that you just pay for what you want.

When you contact us here ate Morgan City Movers you will be assigned a representative who will work with you to ensure that you can move successfully. The representative will help you come up with a quick plan for moving. Our employees will then move in and help pack your belongings and load them on to the trucks. We work efficiently and fast so you do not have to worry about anything because by the end of the day we will have helped you move.

Here is a quick preview of the different services being offered by Morgan City Movers;

  • Same day moves
  • Storage solutions
  • Professional and courteous staff
  • Flexibility in moving schedules
  • Clean and padded trucks
  • Affordable rates
  • Packing
  • Large item moving
  • Furniture disassembly and assembly
  • You get to retain control over the whole process

What to Expect From Us
Morgan City Movers has grown over the years gaining important experience about moving. We have successfully moved different clients at a moments’ notice. With our services you can rest assured that your belongings will be given extra attention so that they are not damaged.
If you need same day moving services, call us at, . Get your estimate and let us handle all the heavy lifting. Make sure to call us early so that you can reserve a moving team, this is especially necessary during the weekends and summer time.

We understand that moving can be hectic and without any help you may get stressed especially because you do not have a plan to move. But we will move in, help you formulate a plan to help you move to your new location. If you have not packed yet, we can bring all the necessary packing materials with us. We will help you pack and load all the items to the trucks.

Same day and last minute services are charged by the hour. Our team of movers will move with lightning speed so as to ensure that you are relocated without any delay. We do not take breaks when on a job and this helps keep the costs low.

Advice on Same Day Moves
Pack a bag of essentials. This includes change of clothes, toiletries and important documents. This is important because you may need to use these essentials and you do not have easy access to your belongings in the truck. It is advisable to pack these items first before anything else so that you do not forget about them.

Measure your furniture. Get measurements of all your furniture so that you may know exactly if it may fit in the doorway of your new residence. This is important because if they happen not to fit in the door way, our team may need to disassemble the furniture and this will add extra hours to the job translating to a higher charge. So make sure that you know exactly how large the furniture you have is and inform us if there will be any disassembled furniture.

Contact a moving company early. Even if you are in hurry make sure that you contact a moving company early so as to ensure to reserve a moving team. Inform the moving team about your needs so as to get estimates on your move. You can have them come in and pack all your stuff or you can pack them yourself and allow the moving company to come in load your belongings and drive to your new address.
Always make sure that you have a check list. It doesn’t matter if you are in a rush to move, make sure to sort through your belongings and know exactly what you have. Because you do not have enough time to purge your belongings, you can arrange them according to the different categories they belong to. This will help save space in the trucks.

Finally, ensure that you have a pre-visit to your new address so as to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. This is to help you know your neighbours; they can be of great help when moving in as you can request that they reserve an elevator if you are moving into an apartment.

Need same day moving services? Contact us at, and get a free quote.

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